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Information to provide for asking questions/reporting problems
03-16-2017, 10:16 AM
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Information to provide for asking questions/reporting problems
Generally, provide as much information as possible when you report a problem. This will help the researchers, developers and users here to understand your problem and help you figure out the solution. A question only showing your results like "it fails/it does not exist" may give others almost no information and receive likely the most slow response.

Basic information you need to (must) provide:

These information is the minimal set that you need to provide to let others understand your problem. You should provide all unless it is impossible to get these information.

1. The previous and last commands you run.

2. The STDOUT on your terminal.

3. Your user account name and working node/portal (the VM IP, the physical machine IP).

One example is where you can find the commands (`./`), the full STDOUT and the user account name and working node (`kvplus@kvplus1-120-portal`) are all provided.

Other information you may want to provide so that your request/problem can be handled more efficiently with these possibly useful info:

The logs if any.

If you are writing a program, the source code if you would like to share.

The input files if you use any.

Where do you connect to the node.

Your Linux distro, kernel version, compiler version.

If you are using D-thinker, the STDOUT on your terminal from `dt status`. The log files of D-thinker (check: ).

and more that you think may be useful.
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