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Message space
12-23-2017, 07:57 PM
Post: #21
RE: Message space
I'm adding a few definitions for message size units:

#define BM1U (4096)
#define BM1ULL (512)
#define BM8U (BM1U*8)
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03-16-2018, 02:37 PM
Post: #22
RE: Message space
(09-22-2016 07:25 PM)lingu Wrote:  
(09-22-2016 11:30 AM)zma Wrote:  
(09-22-2016 11:07 AM)lingu Wrote:  We have different properties, such as replication factor, for different areas. It will be convenient to give them some attributes that are easy to remember. How about using colors to annotate them?

red: persistent/replicated
blue: universal (AMR/UMS)
yellow: something to be decided later

Then the replicated AMR/UMS area is the purple (red + blue) area.

@zma please review.

Labeling is a good idea.

There are 3 properties at least for the shared region.

P: Persistent.
R: Replicated.
U: Universal.

There are ranges that are (one additional sub-region has no special property):


Will likely need 5 colors here. It will be too hard for non-color sensitive ones like me to find out the properties from a color like for UPR.

What about just putting these letters in the graph for the sub-regions.

Update: another way is to use the Linux file mode bits method consider UPR as 3 bits:

U: 100 -> 4
UP: 110 -> 6
UPR: 111 -> 7
PR: 011 -> 3
P: 010 -> 2

So one number represents a combination of the properties. Later if we have one, some number larger than 7 can represent them while the numbers here are also supported.

That's like the access control bits in UNIX. Not tasty, but OK. We can use the scheme because it works for our purpose.

It is actually quite easy to map the bits to colors (U-blue, P-green, R-red). So we may refer to the UPR 111 area to be the black area.

OK. Let's go with "U-blue, P-green, R-red".

@jiqngqiangqiang: please improve the figure by adding colors.
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