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Q: Routing
05-18-2015, 01:03 PM
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Q: Routing
Q: Is it true that routers must partition subnets, and that within one subnet we only use switches to connect hosts, and only use routers on the edge of the subnet?

A: Well, never say never. We should not treat technological issues mechanically. But most of the time what you said is true if you remove the word 'only'.

Usually, routers must examine layer-3 datagrams, and they do not handle layer-2 forwarding. Hence, they form a boundary of a subnet because layer-2 broadcast frames must reach the whole subnet.

Within one subnet, we can use a bus, a hub, a repeater, a bridge or a switch to connect hosts.

Routers are usually at the border (edge) of a subnet, but you may be able to construct a strange topology with a few routers embedded in a connected subnet, if you like.
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