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How to update your local copy of libi0
10-07-2014, 03:51 PM
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How to update your local copy of libi0
Latest development of the Puc library are in

D-thinker usually is shipped with a copy of libi0. However, there may be new updates in the libi0 repository and you may want to use the latest one.

1. Make sure you have installed cod:

2. Clone libi0 if you did not do it before:

cod clone libi0

If you ever clone libi0, you can update it inside the libi0 cod tree:

git pull

If you need the most latest code, you may check out the rc branch:

git checkout rc

3. Configuration you .bashrc to point $CC0_INC and $LD0_INC to the correct location of the libi0 following .

You may need to re-login to make the environment variables take effect.
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