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Full Version: Some good papers
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As recommended by Steven Gribble:

Remus: High Availability via Asynchronous Virtual Machine Replication, by Brendan Cully, Geoffrey Lefebvre, Dutch T. Meyer, Anoop Karollil, Michael J. Feeley, Norman C. Hutchinson, and Andrew Warfield. 5th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 2008).
Querying Heterogeneous Information Sources Using Source Descriptions, by Alon Y. Levy, Anand Rajaraman, Joann J. Ordille. VLDB 1996.

Hints for Computer System Design, by Butler Lampson. ACM Operating Systems Review, Vol. 15, No. 5, October 1983.

A Comparison of Software and Hardware Techniques for x86 Virtualization, by Keith Adams and Ole Agesen. Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS XII).

Time, Clocks and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System, by Leslie Lamport. Communications of the ACM, Volume 21, Number 7, July 1978.
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