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Full Version: Resources for OS study
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There are a number of prestigeous conferences and journals on operating systems. SOSP ( and OSDI ( ) meet biannually and present a number of very decent papers, as well as provide a venue for interesting workshops colocated with these conferences. EuroSys ( is the European chapter of ACM SIGOPS. The USENIX technical meetings also attract excellent technical papers. ASPLOS, ICDCS, SenSys, and RTSS also report interesting OS works with different foci and styles.

The ACM Transactions on Computer Systems is very good journal relevant to OS study. A number of other publications, such as IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS) and the SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, also present interesting results in the OS area. If available, the IBM technical journals (Systems Journal, Journal of Research and Development) are a valuable resource of information.
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